This year's Easterwear

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In early March, I started sewing an Easter dress for Juniper. We worked on a sketch together, and I could picture in my head exactly what I wanted it to look like. She picked out the fabric, I supported her choice, and we headed to the basement where my sewing area is. And then I had one of those days where you keep making mistakes. I did my best to fix every mistake, but then when I finally tried the bodice of the dress on Juniper it was way too small.

So I did what everyone should do when you're having one of those days: turned off the sewing machine and just walked away.

When I was ready sit down at the machine again, I had less time and fabric than when I started. I couldn't afford to mess around again. So I cracked open an Oliver + s pattern I had stashed away, and in one afternoon, came up with a perfectly simple dress that both Juniper and I loved. The pattern called for buttons, so I finally pulled out my sewing machine manual and figured out how to do it. It turns out it isn't really hard at all.

I wanted to make a petticoat or slip to go under the dress, because the fabric in the dress is extremely lightweight. I rummaged through my closet and found an old dress from H&M that I must have only bought because it was $20, not because it was flattering or anything I normally wear: it was a scoop neck baby doll dress made out of lace. I think I was pregnant when I bought it, and maybe wore it once. It's the kind of thing that ordinarily would have gone right in the box for Salvation Army.

Instead, I made a skirt out of the lining, and then attached a layer of lace underneath to poke out from under the dress:

The Oliver + s pattern also includes a playsuit, which I made for Gram. The playsuit came together really quickly because I was already familiar with how the bodice was constructed. I made Gram's out of lightweight blue and white striped fabric:

Jim wants me to make more of these in bright primary colors, because Gram has already grown out of the beloved blue jumper.

The night before Easter, I made two bonnets from a pattern I bought on etsy. (Buying patterns on etsy is great: you never quite know what you're going to get, but it's cheap and you get the pattern emailed to you right away.) The pattern only when up to a 12 month size, so I made that size for Gram, and then enlarged the pattern and made one for Juniper.

Of course, the outfits were ridiculously lightweight for Michigan weather, so I had to cover them up in winter coats at the egg hunt. I really didn't mind though -- I made the clothes as a way to welcome spring, and I know they'll get a lot of use out them all spring and summer.

(more pictures on flickr.)


  1. Jana // April 20, 2009 at 10:12 PM  

    These are adorable! I love seeing how these patterns came out, as I was thinking of ordering this one from Oliver + S, too. Great job!