Red Chambray Dress

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Okay, it's me again. Sorry! Wood's job has been keeping her really, really busy. She has her first trial today and I just haven't been able to get her to write any blog posts about the projects she has been able to complete over the past few months. She has made some really cool clothes, including this dress she made last week:

That's the back of the dress. Aren't the buttons cool? She used the now out-of-print Puppet Show Dress pattern from Oliver & S. I found the pattern at Haberman's and picked out the red chambray fabric. Yes, my transformation to total housewife is almost complete. Thank God I don't know how to work the sewing machine. I have spent all week canning jams, though, so I don't know if I can say my masculinity is still intact. Here are some photos of the dress on the kid:

That photo shows a bit of the hem, which is the part of the dress she struggled with the most. At least, that's the part of the dress I heard her swearing at the most.

This shows the little button detail on the sleeve:

I'm going to keep posting her projects for her if she doesn't get around to doing it herself. Don't get me wrong, she's busy, but she does find enough time to make all these cool things. Plus, she's become the world's biggest fan of Law & Order: SVU over the past few months, which is really what's dug into her blogging time. "You know," I'll say, "You could write up a quick post about that sleeping bag you made the girl while you're watching Ice T and Mariska Hargitay. . ."

"Quiet," she barks. "I'm doing research."