Naptime Quilt

Posted by Wood | Thursday, September 09, 2010 | , | 0 comments »

We dropped Gram off this morning for his first day of preschool. For weeks his sister has been talking to him about school to help him get ready. Despite that, it'll be a tough transition for all of us. Even though Gram is a little louder and bolder than his sister was at this age, he is still a pretty sensitive little guy, and picturing his tiny face at school this morning is still enough to make me tear up.

I made Gram a quilt for naptime. Knowing that he is resting (hopefully) in something that I made for him takes a little bit of the sting out of saying goodbye in the morning. I used old men's shirts I bought at the thrift store and even some old pillow cases for the squares in the quilt top:

I used gray flannel for the backing to make it nice and cozy:

I sewed buttons and buttonholes along the sides and bottom of the quilt so that it folds into a sleeping bag. Last year I made Juniper a quilted sleeping bag by binding two quilts together, but I wanted Gram's quilt to be a little more versatile, so that when he outgrows the sleeping bag it can just be a flat quilt.

Do other people ever put buttons on quilts? If all quilts had buttons, no one would need a Snuggie. Those things don't even close in the back.

I quilted it by sewing along all of the squares with yellow thread.

There you have it. Fingers crossed that he spent some of his nap time actually sleeping (and not screaming) today.