The Explorer Vest

Posted by Wood | Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 0 comments »


Our boy loves his pockets. He often comes in from a walk with his pockets full of twigs and rocks and leaves. He also has become obsessed with belts and the pouches his father has found that attach to them (Dwight Schrute-style cell-phone holders, Yugoslavian bullet cases) and he calls those "patches." When I bought my copy of Liesl Gibson's book Little Things to Sew and saw the pattern for the "Explorer Vest," I knew I had to make one for him. It has since become one of his favorite pieces of clothing, and the pockets are often filled with matchbox cars, Jedis, broken flashlights, old binoculars, and all kinds of other things.

I chose a deadstock hickory stripe for the main fabric (we picked it up at the La Bon Fabric Store on Detroit's Avenue of Fashion; seems harder than it should be to find a good hickory stripe fabric these days). The lower pockets and the binding at the arm holes are a blue chambray.

The best part of this pattern is the huge pocket on the back, and we have found a dozen or more Star Wars guys stuffed in there. We always have to check it before he gets into his car seat.

[Jim wants me to point out that that hat is indeed that hat]