2011 Knitting Twinspiration: New Nephews!

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I have two tough little nephews. They were born in August, at only 29 weeks gestation. They are identical, and as happens in a small number of twins that share a placenta, they had twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). Before they were born, my sister-in-law had two intra-uterine laser surgeries to correct the TTTS.

My brother and sister-in-law live in Pittsburgh and we don't see them enough. This pregnancy was as high-risk as it gets, and every single day that she remained pregnant felt like an accomplishment. I was so worried about those babies, and even more worried about my sister-in-law and brother. There was really nothing for me to do but wait, and hope, and knit. While I was waiting, I made rompers for them. I used yarn that I really loved. I knew they would be born early, and probably would be tiny, but I knit a newborn size anyway.

When they were born at 29 weeks weighing about 3 lbs each, I mailed the rompers to Pittsburgh. The babies stayed in the NICU for two months, and when they were finally ready to leave the hospital, the rompers were the perfect size, and they wore them home.

I used the Small Things Romper & Sweater pattern from Carina Spencer ($10). I made matching hats, too. Jim took the following pictures for me and he put the hats upside-down, which really bothers me, but I want to share them nonetheless:

I almost forgot I also did matching booties:

The boys are doing great and we're planning to visit them soon. When we were in Pittsburgh last fall, they were still in the NICU and we had to sneak our daughter in to see them, so they haven't even met their boy cousin yet. He thinks he's going to teach them about all kinds of cool things (like lightsabers). I hate to break it him but my brother probably has that covered.