Easter Dress 2011 (two weeks late)

Posted by jdg | Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | 0 comments »

[Wood is out-of-town for work, so I'm writing this to share the Easter dress she made our daughter a few weeks ago]

Every year, my wife makes the kids an outfit for Easter [2009 and 2010], but this year she only had the time to make a dress for our daughter. It was a dress she had intended to make long ago: I bought the pattern and the fabric for her last summer, but she has been so busy with her knitting projects that her sewing machine has been gathering dust. This is the Ice Cream Dress from Oliver & S.

She loves this dress, and has worn it five times since Easter. Wood also made her the little hair thing for the big egg hunt we had in the neighborhood.

With the warmer weather lately she's been trying on some of the beloved summer dresses her mother made for her over the last few years, and there's nothing like seeing knees in dresses that had been below them to remind us that she is growing, despite her overall tininess. Time for the knitting needles to start gathering dust, I think.