She Sports the Seashore Sundress (at the seashore)

Posted by jdg | Tuesday, July 05, 2011 | 0 comments »

This is my wife's most recent effort at an Oliver & S sewing pattern, the Seashore Sundress. I was at the fabric store for some costume materials and saw this really nice and light vintage-feeling fabric and thought it would make a great sundress for a little girl who has finally managed to grow out of all the ones her mother made for her when she was four. 

When we were a few miles north of Jenner in Sonoma County last weekend, we stopped at a really secluded beach and spent a couple hours just lounging around in the sun and taunting the waves. Later I realized she was wearing the seashore dress, and thought it would make for a good Woodcraft post.

I forgot to get new buttons, and all we had were a couple huge navy "anchor" buttons I bought last year for a pair of sailor pants that never got made for our son. At first I thought they didn't work with this dress, but they have kind of grown on me.

There is a lot of knitting to catch up on, and hopefully a bigger project for the boy on the way. I did make him this out of a souvenir belt from Greece I found years ago.  All I had to do was figure out how to attach the buckle and make some new holes in the leather:

He LOVES it.