More Leather Goods Than I Can Use

Posted by jdg | Friday, March 08, 2013 | 1 comments »

Mittens, ready to be felted
Wood has been a knitting force to be reckoned with this winter, completing dozens of Christmas presents and baby gifts and birthday presents, piles of mittens and baby sweaters and blankets and gloves and cowls and no pictures of any of them. She is always knitting, and we hardly ever just sit around just watching television anymore. We might turn on the TV while she knits, so I've had to find something to keep my hands busy.  Last fall I started making these leather bags.

I looked at some bags that I used and decided to incorporate some of the things I liked best and made a simple pattern that included a pocket that fit an ipad perfectly, double-reinforced handles, and a round interior pocket with a narrow opening so things like pens and phones and change wouldn't fall out. I hand stitched everything.

The first four bags I made I gave away as birthday and Christmas gifts. Then I wanted to make one for myself and figured out how to make a gusset and little side pockets (like the ones I love on my old Filson tote bag---they're great for airports when you have to stuff your phone, wallet, and keys somewhere quick and accessible when getting in the security line). I used some really beautiful leather hide with a real grainy texture, but the end result was a little bigger and probably more feminine than I originally intended. I will probably give this one away too and make myself one with a thinner gusset. And I don't know, deer antlers or something.


I've also been making wallets and little clutches. My wife sent me a picture of a $100+ clutch she liked online so I just made her one pretty close to it with like $5 worth of leather. As Ron Swanson said a couple weeks ago, "People who buy things are suckers."

I have made three wallets for myself now. Who needs three wallets? Especially somebody who likes to pretend he never buys anything?


  1. Unknown // May 15, 2013 at 10:24 PM  

    Where do you buy your leather?